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Our Thematic Immersive Programmes


We believe that learning a language is more efficient when it focuses on your personal or professional interests. Here are a few possible options. 

Note that all our coaching programmes are solely based on the client's requirements so these are only suggestions. It is also possible to
'mix and match' different activities or programmes.

Business English
Business english

The coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Business vocabulary and terminology

  • Effective business writing (professional emails, memos, reports) and adapting your tone to various business contexts

  • Business speaking and presentations: participating in meetings, expressing opinions, negotiating, etc

  • Understanding different cultural communication styles

  • Business culture and ethics: integrity, professional relationships, social responsibility

Immerso business coaching
Business English full-immersion coaching programme
Image by Austin Distel
Immerso expatriation coaching
Expatriation full-immersion coaching programme
Image by Bruno Martins

The coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Cultural awareness: local customs, traditions, and etiquette

  • Language basics for daily life

  • Setting up home in the UK

  • Transport and utilities

  • Healthcare and medical system

  • Local amenities and services


The coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Name and description of main London landmarks

  • Historical significance of these landmarks

  • Sightseeing expressions: directions, visits, seeking information from tourist centres

  • Practical and interactive activities related to London landmarks

  • Cultural etiquette and interacting with locals

  • Lots of visits (of course!)

Immerso sightseeing coaching
Sightseeing full-immersion coaching programme
Image by Jonny Gios
Immerso wine-tasting coaching
Oenophilia full-immersion coaching programme
Image by Matthieu Joannon

The coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Wine-growing and wine-making

  • The vocabulary of wine tasting

  • The main grapes and their characteristics

  • A selected number of wine-producing regions

  • Visit of a wine estate

  • Attendance at wine auction (if available)

  • Lots of wine tastings!

Technical analysis
Technical analysis

The coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Technical analysis terminology

  • Technical analysis vs. fundamental analysis

  • Chart analysis and interpretation

  • Indicators: RSI, MACD, Ichimoku, etc

  • Trading strategies

  • Money management and risk management

  • Role-playing and simulation to provide practical experience (mock trading scenarios)

Image by Alicja Ziajowska
Cryptocurrency monitoring station part 2
Technical analysis full-immersion coaching programme
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